• Valjean: After I suffered 19 years at Toulon, a sentence totally disproportionate to my crime...
  • Sweeney: After I suffered 15 years in Australia, a sentence given despite my never committing a crime...
  • Valjean: I thought I'd lost all faith in humanity.
  • Sweeney: I thought I'd lost all faith in humanity.
  • Valjean: And just when it seemed like I could finally start anew...
  • Sweeney: And just when it seemed like I could finally fulfill my goals...
  • Valjean: I was thrown into emotional turmoil at the world's kindness.
  • Sweeney: I was thrown into emotional turmoil at the world's bad timing.
  • Valjean: Now I'm hit by an epiphany.
  • Sweeney: Now I'm hit by an epiphany.
  • Valjean: I have to become a better person.
  • Sweeney: I have to kill motherfucking EVERYONE.
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These College Students Are Making A Nail Polish That Changes Color When Exposed To Date Rape Drugs


The best part of this is that they recognize the need for subtlety. With this, a woman can stir a drink with her finger, a move that’s completely innocent if a bit gauche, and know instantly if she’s in any danger without ever tipping the guy off. 

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but aren’t these the same garden??….?

I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE MOFFAT or the bbc budget dept struck again

ahahahahahaha I’m going with the bbc budget honestly but I’d love to be proven wrong

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William Darcy + sense of humour (w/ bonus tweet)

Darcy was secretly as snarky if not more so than Lizzy.

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#that meat lady was the real national treasure

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  • Ethics: Frankenstein no.
  • Victoria: Frankenstein yes.
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"I was raised to be charming, not sincere."


Cinderella’s Prince (Into the Woods - Stephen Sondheim)

(Basically this douchebag in a sentence)

This better come out Chris Pine’s mouth at some point in the Into the Woods movie cause it’s perfection. And I can’t wait for Tumblr to get a hold of it. Or even just the OUAT fandom.


(I may be sitting in the middle of a busy, professional office where I’m trying really hard to not grin like a crazy person and start dancing in place)

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The Lizzie Bennet Diaries + text posts

Have I mentioned yet that I’m madly in love with this new image + tumblr text post thing? It’s the best.

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Also, apologies to my followers. Frankenstein, MD appears to have awakened the ranter within. If I haven’t shoved enough women in science info down your throat to make you unfollow, then you have borne this day admirably as none other would.

Also, this is the only fandom that appreciates both random science knowledge, gender equality, and references to English literature.